My daughter, Kate, is nine years old and has been playing the piano for three years. She has been with Sona  for a year and a half during which time she has progressed considerably.  I believe that Kate’s new found confidence at the piano and her desire to continue playing are in large part due to Sona. Sona is an accomplished pianist with a  heart for teaching.  Her students respect her and are inspired by her, and that kind of rapport between teacher and student is invaluable.  From a parent’s perspective, it can’t get any better than that.

-Sofi F.

My daughter began taking piano lessons with Sona in April, 2008. Instantly Sona made her feel comfortable and confident to try playing piano. She was excited to learn form Sona was and still is full of smiles, patience and encouragement. My daughter has excelled under Sona’s teaching. She is challenged, yet willing to try her best without feeling overwhelmed.  I am thrilled and impressed with her progress! She loves Sona and so do my husband and I. Sona often takes the time to tell us how our daughter is doing and give us suggestions of how to help her. We appreciate that and couldn’t be happier with her expertise, kindness and love for piano—which is also now showing in our daughter!

-Mary Beth Stovall

Sona Gevorgyan is a terrific piano teacher for my child. Sona has been our piano teacher for more than 2 years. Her education and experience with her compassion for piano prove to be a wonderful combination. She has patience and always gives positive encouragement. I would recommend Sona to anyone interested in learning to play the piano. My child loves to play the piano and always looks forward to her lessons with Sona.

-Catherine D.

I have three children taking lessons in piano with Ms. Gevorgyan. Ia m very pleased with their progress. I have found Sona to be prompt, professional, and courteous at all times. She fits each lesson to the child she’s working with and her demeanor towards children is firm, kind and quiet. She has been a lucky find for us! Thanks Sona!

-Brit K.

Dear Ms. Sona, thank you for teaching me piano. It is fun doing piano with you. I love doing piano. I get better and better at piano because you help me.

-Kamile Macandili

Sona is a wonderful teacher! She is very positive and encouraging and yet at the same time, she requires a high standard of playing. She challenges me to reach higher and with her encouragement I’m able to do more than I thought I could. She is able to identify why I have difficulty and help me practice in more effective ways. She is flexible in her approach.

-Karon Wright

My daughter has been taking piano lessons from Sona for less than a year and I am very pleased with how well she is playing with both hands already. When we visited my parents at Christmas, they were impressed with her playing ability and commented on how easily she was able to learn Silent Night on her own from their sheet music.

Sona makes sure that my daughter is able to play whichever piece she is learning at the time the way in which it is meant to be played. She is not the type to pass a student on a piece f music just to be able to go on to the next piece. She cares about the student and wants them to be able to do their very best.

-Kristin C.

Ms. Sona is extremely talented and fantastic teacher. Her lessons are fun and very structured. She is able to provide motivated guidance, support and practicality in her teaching. My son, Ankit has improved tremendously since we moved him to learn with Ms. Sona. She instilled the love and habit of practicing and playing the piano in my son every day. Ms. Sona is very friendly and patient, and this is the reason why our son looks forward to his lessons. All and all I am pleased to say that I chose the best teacher for my son. I would highly recommend Ms. Sona to anybody who’s interested in learning the piano.

-Shruthi Mdhavan

Sona is an excellent piano instructor, and we are so lucky we found her to teach our daughter how to play the piano. Sona is always very well–prepared for each lesson, and each lesson builds on the previous one so that our daughter’s skills and constantly being progressed.  The progress is made, however, at the perfect speed for our daughter.  Sona knows when her students are ready to take on more challenging pieces, and also knows when the students need more time to master the current selections. Our daughter is always challenged, but never feels overwhelmed.

Sona is has an excellent and extensive background in music, and brings years of musical instruction and expertise to her lessons. She not only teaches her students how to play a certain piano composition, but also instructs them in how to incorporate the dynamics into the piece, and the musical theory behind it, She is very thorough in her instruction, but never overwhelming.  The perfect balance is  always achieved! We are very happy with the progress our daughter has made in playing the piano after only a year of lessons.  Our daughter  has learned so much from Sona, we look forward to watching her improve as she continues to receive Sona’s excellent instruction. The best part  is that our daughter enjoys her piano lessons , because Sona is always very positive and full of encouragement. It has been a blessing and pleasure to have Sona as our daughter’s piano instructor!

-Janice Hyllengren