Questions For The Teacher 

(Is HE/SHE a good fit for your child or even for yourself?)

1. What is your teaching experience ? 

 I have been teaching piano lessons for more than 10 years. 

2. What age group do you mostly teach? 

I mostly teach younger age groups, ranging from 5 years of age to 17 years of age; however, I also have adult students in their 40’s and 50’s. 

3. How do you conduct your private lessons? What is your goal and emphasis for your students? 

I teach in a private setting with the student and myself in the room. Parents are always  welcome to observe the lessons, and be part of our learning My lessons cover the most important 4 aspects of fundamental principles in piano learning: Theory, Technique, Ear-Training, and Repertoire. With the emphasis on these important parts of learning the piano, my goal is to make my students well-rounded musicians. 

4. What books/methods/instructional materials do you use in your teaching? 

I usually use John Schaum teaching method, the Faber series, and the method books from the Russian School of Music. I also include supplemental materials from other books where I find useful pieces for my students. 

5. What kind of music do you teach? 

I teach different genes of music; from classical to pop and jazz. 

6. Do you have any studio recitals? 

I do have studio recitals. If not twice a year, then for sure I’ll have at least once a year recital. 

7. Do you require your students to participate in studio recitals? 

Absolutely not! Although, all my students love playing in our studio recitals, even my adult students, however, this is not a requirement by any means. 

8. Do you offer other performance opportunities for your students, such as festivals and competitions?

I myself don’t organize these festivals and competitions, however, if my students take the Certificate of Merit exam, which is offered through MTAC (Music Teachers Association of California,) they can participate in various music festivals and competitions. 

9. How much practice time do you require your students to use on daily basis? 

The duration of practice depends on the level of the student. If a student is a beginner, the practices usually are 7—10 min. daily. At an intermediate level practice time can go up to 20-40 min. but making sure the student practices consistently; if not every day, then at least every other day, or 4 times a week. At an advanced level, good practice goes from 45 min. to an hour where the student has at least 2 major pieces to work on which can be both musically and technically demanding. 

10. Do you have a written studio policy? Will you review it with me?

Yes, I do. The link to the studio policy and tuition is under the Lesson tab. There will be a review of it and a signature placed from both parties. 

11. Do you offer discounts when more than one child is interested in taking lessons? 

Yes, I do. There will be 10% family discount from tuition total. 

Questions For The Parents

(What do YOU want to achieve from piano lessons?) 

1. Why am I signing up my child to piano lessons? 

2. What do I want my child to gain from music lessons and/or piano lessons? 

3. What genre of music does my child like to learn? 

4. Is my chid structured or free spirited kid? And should I address this to the potential piano teacher?